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Male bikini swimwear is awesome. It feels great on, so sexy it gets your juices flowing.  The new bikinis are micro and form to your body like a second skin. Our site features male bikini swimwear styles that are the highest quality suits we can find. We do reviews on swimsuits that are made in the USA including designs many other sites feel are to extreme to show you. We are so into swimwear that virtually nothing is too extreme for us and we feel you should be able to see even the most radical designs ones that partially or fully expose the penis, designs that use butt plugs and cock rings, designs that are tiny little micro pouches with no rear at all. Don’t worry we show the latest in bikinis, thongs and G-strings too and we have started dedicating space to the new micro short designs. After all if a pair of shorts made for the beach that highlights your pouch and shows off at least a little cheek should be on every ones menu. Choice is what we are shooting for that and making sure men understand they are allowed to be sexy, they are allowed to show off their bodies. I have said this a hundred times but when it comes to swimwear why should the girls have all the fun wearing those sexy little suits that barely cover a thing. Lucky for us men the trend is moving micro and mainstream. Male bikini swimwear covers a huge number of designs and styles. It is a new world for men’s swimwear lovers.

Popular Male Bikini Swimwear

Some of the most popular swim suits around today for men is the male bikini swimwear style. Nothing seems to beat these swim suits when compared to all other designs for men. Guys with nice toned and tight bodies tend to prefer the bikini type of swim suit. Of course, they also enjoy other rather revealing styles such as the micro bikini, thongs, G-strings and even pouches. However, bikinis still maintain their popularity with everyone who has the body to wear one successfully. Men and women both like watching guys in bikini swim suits because of all the bare skin they show, and you can believe that a guy with a great body wearing a bikini is going to get a lot of lustful and admiring looks from everyone who has working hormones. If you have any doubts about this, all you need to do to slip into one of these sexy garments and hit your favorite beach or swimming locale. That is when you will see just how amazing you look in your bikini.

Male Bikini Swimwear

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