Male bikini Swimwear

Male bikini swimwear styles are all the rage at most of the pool parties I have been to this summer. I have been to gay pool parties in Palm Springs with my friends, Gay pool parties in Las Vegas with my friends and so called straight pool parties (after all there are gay men and women everywhere now) with both male and female attendees and of course my friends. The straight parties I generally hit with my girl buddies. I have never seen so many men wearing such skimpy designs as I have seen this summer. The bulk of these hot skimpy suits are bikinis in many shapes and sizes with my favorites and the ones I wear tend to be the absolute micro styles. Ones that offer little rear coverage, I work my ass off hard and I figure why not show it off. It is definitely a man magnet.  I go with a super small front pouch for a number of reasons. First I enjoy the look, feel and fit of a truly micro pouch and second I am not very well endowed and a micro pouch always looks extremely full even with my little guy filling it. As I stated before there are so many men wearing bikinis at these parties that I think they are starting to outnumber men in regular surf shorts, hallelujah! To my surprise this not only a trend at the gay parties but at the straight one’s as well. There must be something very compelling and erotic about wearing bikinis because I have hooked up with a number of guys at straight parties who swear they are not gay or bi, some married and some with girlfriends but they hit on me and we end up having sex. I can’t tell you how many men tell me I have a hot ass and how many straight guys tell me it looks just like a girls. My response if they are cute is good enough to fuck like one? The answer is often yes.

Male Bikini Swimwear Will Get Your Attention

You can find a lot of different male bikini swimwear online and in stores these days but a lot of guys still don’t know these designs exist. They may go out to the beach now and then and see a couple of guys walking buy in a bikini but they usually don’t pay any attention when they see something different at a distance. But if they were walking down the beach on one of the days when all the guys were wearing these bikinis they would have to notice them. In fact it would be kind of difficult for them to not pay attention to what they were seeing if that were to happen. But there are still guys that would turn a blind eye even if every guy they saw was wearing a bikini as they walked by. Some day in the near future though all the guys on the beach will be wearing these male bikini swimwear designs and it will be awkward seeing a guy wearing something more traditional like they do now.

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Shop Carefully for Male Bikini Swimwear

Male bikini swimwear is quite popular in warmer climates but shopping for it can be and is often done year round. There are many men who love shopping for new bikinis and they will do it any time of the year. The smart guys understand that bikinis are usually lower priced during the fall and winter seasons than in the summer. That makes perfect sense because summer is the time of year when bikinis are sought after the most and their prices will be sky high. On the other hand, if you get online before the weather becomes hot and ready for swimming, you might just find a website that has a sale on bikinis for men. If you are lucky in doing this, then you should find as many bikinis that you like as you can. Order them at the sale price and wait for them to arrive at your front door.

Quality Male Bikini Swimwear

Some of the male bikini swimwear that you can find in more common stores is basic in design and material. But people are still wearing them and thinking they are the sexiest thing on the beach. Seriously, there are guys all over the world that know this and they go online to find the best examples of these designs to show up those regular guys. They spend hours looking on their favorite sites to find the designs that are way better than the common designs everyone else is wearing. They know that they will have to spend a little more money in order to get better quality and better materials, but they are okay with that. They understand that when they walk out on the beach everyone is going to ignore those basic guys and start paying attention to them instead. This is why it is important to wear the best male bikini swimwear you can find. Do not let the price determine what you wear because those cheaper suits in retail stores are simply not created equal to the ones you can find online with a little effort.